sudha mahesh

Sudha Mahesh – Accounts & Administration

Sudha Mahesh

Sudha Mahesh is a BA Sociology Graduate with a special interest in History and Sociology. She has a sound understanding of human emotion. She is in charge of administration at Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd.


Her motherly instincts contribute immensely to the administrative affairs at Nadichikitsa Wellness Pvt Ltd., and to client interactions.

When you call, it is she who welcomes you on the phone. She is firm in her approach and committed to providing you with all the assistance you need.

Healing and Wellness

Sudha is an excellent Sound Healing Therapist. Her Sound Healing sessions are extremely calming to the body, senses, and the mind.

Natural Ability

Sudha has a natural ability to help people. Her listening ability and compassion soothe people. Even when Dr. Mahesh Krishnamurthy receives a call, they ask for Sudha. Such is her connection. 

She is an excellent organizer and thinks of out-of-the-box solutions. She has a strong intuition, an attribute every mother is gifted with.

Sudha Mahesh has a Her natural attraction toward parenting, nature, and flowers, and enjoys talking about various topics.

She is an excellent organizer, on and off work.

In a way, she is our backbone.

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