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Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Personal Session

Overall Health Consultation

When you come for a personal session, I will first of all perform your Nadi Pariksha. This is the fundamental Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. This technique can help me know what mental, psychological, emotional and behavioural patterns you have been adopting. These patterns affect your body by producing diseases such as aches and pains in different parts of the body and illness such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancers.

learning to be better counsellors

Group Session

Get each other motivated

Several therapies I suggest my clients to undertake are more effective when they are practiced in a group. In a group, people support one another in breaking down the process in a way each other understand. Sometimes, they are able to bring a greater deal of understanding and co-operation amongst themselves which may not be possible in an individual session. Group sessions are beneficial to those who find motivating themselves a challenge.

You will also participate in several group activities… get each other motivated to heal in a holistic way!

Rejuvenate in nature

learn how to help anyone

Learning in nature is fun

Training Events

Dig deeper and learn

Its not enough for us to help you heal your body. We wish you learn some of the things we know so that you can stay healthy. Health at home is the first step we encourage people to practice. When you have challenges you cannot handle by yourself, count on us. We are with you. If you are interested to learn to stay healthy, signup to one of our trainings. If you’re an Ayurvedic Doctor, you may be interested in learning Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis. We have over 10 years teaching experience.