6 Ultimate ways for Yoga beginners to improve your Flexibility

6 Ultimate ways to improve flexibility for yoga practitioners

Are you trying to get more flexible in your Yoga Class? Are you getting frustrated with your lack of flexibility? Are your thinking of dropping out of your Yoga class because of your lack of flexibility? You know what! You are not alone in this. Countless people everyday give up their Yoga training only because they believe they are not getting any better with their flexibility. Actually there are 6 Ultimate ways to improve flexibility for yoga practitioners.

Your lifestyle can contribute to your lack of flexibility. Most Yoga trainers do not look beyond Yoga postures to increase your flexibility. There is more to Yoga than postures that can improve your flexibility. Actually there are just 6 important ways of increasing your flexibility faster than you can imagine.

  1. Reduce Restlessness in daily activity. Restlessness in your daily activity can cause Prana to become deficient and create stiffness in your body. Activities that cause restlessness are; computer and mobile games, mobile browsing, worrying, negative thinking, rash driving, fear, excessive travelling, etc,. Sometimes, restlessness can be your inborn trait. In such cases, it is appropriate to get an Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis done. This is the only way to know what your natural or inborn traits are. Knowing it and rectifying it will see you through.
  2. Moderate your quantity and quality of foods that you consume. Certain foods create stiffness in the body while certain foods that help your body being more nimble. Foods that are rich in protein such as sprouts, chana, rajma, paneer, bread and biscuits, pizza, pasta, excess intake of cashew, almonds and dates in vegetarian foods and eggs and chicken in non-vegetarian foods cause the body to experience more stiffness. Over eating causes indigestion which also causes stiffness in the body. Liquor is another substance which causes stiffness specifically in your ligaments, tendons and other muscles in the body.If you are practicing Yoga, you may want to avoid consuming food items and other substances that cause you to lose flexibility. You can get an Ayurvedic Nadi Pariksha to find out which food combinations are right for you and follow a meal plan that is suitable for you.
  3. The time at which you eat is also very important. Food must be consumed only to nourish the body. Your body creates hunger when it needs energy. Eating when hungry is the only way to nourish your body. Simply eating quality foods anytime will not only cause stiffness in your body, it will also convert into toxins in your body and hamper your body’s metabolism. There are certain indicative timings when your body feels hungry.In the mornings – before 8:30am – your body will express a mild hunger. Satisfy this hunger with a breakfast which is light and easily digestible.Between 11am-1:00pm is the time when your body expresses a strong hunger pang. This is the time to eat your full meal. Chew your foods well and drink about 100ml water along with your food so that your stomach has some space left to digest food.In the evening your body expresses hunger between 6:30-7:30pm – This is your dinner time. Again, eat light and freshly cooked food that is easily digestible. Some people may have a hyperactive metabolism. In such cases, the body digests foods very fast and expresses hunger every few hours. The others don’t have to worry as the body, once nourished, will hibernate through the night peacefully. To find out whether your metabolic rate is normal, sluggish or hyperactive, get an Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis done.
  4. Consumption of water is equally important. The appropriate quantity of water you need to consume can be measured by the number of times you urinate. If you are urinating 6 times daily excepting your first urination, your water intake is optimum. If more, then reduce your water intake and if less, increase it appropriately. Inadequate water intake can cause stiffness in the body.
  5. Your body not only needs food and water! It also requires lubrication. Your body requires internal lubrication as well as external application of oils with a healthy massage. These oils are excellent in nourishing your muscles, bones, nerves and other tissues. The common oils you can use are til oil and coconut oil. These are the best oils that lubricate the body externally. In Karnataka and Tamilnadu, Til oil is used as cooking oil as well. People in Kerala use Coconut oil. People in the north use mustard oil. However, Til oil is the king of oils when it comes to internal as well as external lubrication.
  6. And lastly, your body needs adequate rest so it can repair itself through the sleep cycle. The human body hibernates by night and wakes up before dawn. This is best for your body too. The best time to sleep is before 10:30pm and wake up before 5:00am. If you are not habituated to this time, you can try having a shower before dinner. This will restore your body clock.If you encounter sleeplessness despite your best efforts, or your body continues to remain stiff, an Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis can reveal what you are missing and help you set your system right.

Can you see an opportunity when you are suffering in sorrow?

Suffering in sorrow is one of the most painful feelings one can go through. It is more painful to see someone else suffer in sorrow. Especially when you are feeling others’ sorrow and there is little or nothing you can do about it.

Why does God allow Suffering?

Sorrow and suffering is the reason why we are alive today. If there was no sorrow or suffering, we will not know how to live. When there is sorrow or suffering, we look towards the end of this sorrow so we can know how to be happy. And, when we are happy, we are ignorant of our state and we take happiness for granted. We do stupid things so that we can experience more happiness. There is nothing called more happiness. When desire creeps into wanting more happiness, happiness turns to pleasure. And pleasure brings sorrow and pain.

So, we keep going up and down in happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain.

God allows suffering only because He wants you to know who you really are. Suffering is a momentary feeling of being disconnected from your eternal Self and identification with the limited self. When you come to know your reality, all suffering becomes an opportunity to serve God.

Grief and Sorrow

When we are in grief and sorrow, we are willing to do anything to get rid of it. If you spent too much time in sorrow, you will get depressed and you will not want to live any longer. And grief and sorrow can also create physical suffering. But, if you spend some time in sorrow and want to come out of it, you give yourself that opportunity. 

Sorrow and pain can be a great teacher. Sorrow brings with it an opportunity to serve. It is only by serving yourself that you can come out of sorrow. And there is a way to do it. The way is Karma Yoga. It is the only way to bring the end of suffering.

Why do we suffer?

When you are in sorrow and suffering, you want everyone to look at you. You want to feel more and more miserable because you are thinking and feeling that the worst has happened to you. You become more and more selfish and self-centered. You want the world to look at you and feel sorry for you.

All creatures go through the emotions of happiness, joy, pain and suffering. But there is a difference between human suffering and animal suffering. We suffer more because we expand our experience. When we are happy, we want the world to know that we are happy. And we behave the same way when we are unhappy, sad or suffering.

We want everyone to know. We want attention from everyone. We are living in hollowness. We want everyone else to fill their feelings in our hollowness. 

Healing pain and suffering

The way to heal your pain and suffering in sorrow is very simple. But it is not easy. Once you get the habit, it becomes easy. Then you cannot get into a state of suffering ever.

In times of sorrow, instead of sitting in a dark room with no lights, and reminding yourself that life is suffering, go out and serve. You can begin your service by helping people with little things. In the beginning you will see nobody wanting help. You must be patient and you will see. Begin with small tasks. Then you will see great opportunities to help others. 

When you begin to help others, you will see how small your sorrow is when compared to how much light you can share by helping others.

And by helping others, you are getting rid of your sorrow and suffering. You must not stop when you feel light and beautiful. You must continue serving so that you can spread more and more light with everyone. This is why God has brought us here. This is our purpose of life.

When you learn to spread light through service, you will know the true meaning of life.

So, every moment, instead of thinking how much you are suffering, it is better to look at what service you can render to people, nature, animals and all of the creations of God.

About the Author – Mahesh Krishnamurthy helps people overcome there suffering in sorrow through specific techniques that he has created from the guidance he received in his meditations. For a personal session, you can schedule a work with me appointment.

With the advent of Nadi Pariksha Machines, is learning Nadi Pariksha still relevant?


From the days of my research in Ayurveda and Yoga shastras from 2002, Several Sanskrit Pundits and Intellectuals have been in many discussion with me and suggesting to me that I must explore the possibilities of creating a machine that can Diagnose patients with Nadi Pariksha.

I was exploring the depths of our ability to diagnose and check patients with Nadi Pariksha. My journey inward continues even today.

Two years ago, an innovator of a Nadi Pariksha machine approached me asking whether I can share how I do Nadi Pariksha and how I record my data. He was then in the process of creating his machine which, he said, would replace Nadi Pariksha.

I shared my data, and today, we see this machine making inroads rapidly into the market and into every doctor’s table.

I was also told by a very senior person in the department of AYUSH that I must use this machine along side my traditional diagnostic methods.

I have a few questions very important here;

Have the research scholars studied what happens to the patient when a Vaidya performs traditional Nadi Pariksha? What effects take place in the patient? How is it different from performing a machine diagnosis? What spiritual practices does a Vaidya undertake that boosts a patient’s confidence in the Vaidya? What does the environment of the Vaidya do to the patient?

Without involving in a wholesome study of traditional practices, one must not assume and create shortcuts. A few people can destroy traditional ways of healing only because they believe that there is a smarter way of going about it.

Recently, I was in a meeting with the same innovator and he said; “Don’t be idealistic. I have offers from people who want to invest in the project and I can’t tell you how many zeros are there. I am still counting.”

It was a very shallow statement that he made. Is it all about money? Is that all? And he also said; I am first approaching those Ayurveda doctors who do not know Ayurveda. These are the people who will buy my machines and that is my entry point. I am also increasing their financial position. They can earn a little more with Nadi Pariksha.

The western world is researching the effects of traditional Indian practices on the body-mind-emotion whereas, the Indian research fraternity is moving in the opposite direction.

Madness in innovation mustn’t fool people into believing that they will replace human intellect.

I like to quote an experience I had with a patient several years ago.

A woman called me and asked me whether I would be willing to come over to her house to diagnose her condition. She had a hole in her dura and her CSF was leaking. She had been advised surgery.

I went there to see her. During the process of performing Nadi Pariksha, I was mentally chanting Gayatri Mantra. Something happened to my patient which she noticed, but did not mention to me while I was there.

I suggested her the remedies and came away.

I teach doctors to chant the Gayatri Mantra. This is one of the Mantras that gives us the timeline to measure the health of the pulse.

Four hours later, the woman called me and said that while undergoing Nadi Pariksha, her CSF leak had stopped. It never recurred since. She is still doing fine and without having to undergo any surgical procedures.

Can machine diagnosis do this?

Nadi Pariksha is a divine science of diagnosis and evaluation of our body, mind and emotion. You can learn Nadi Pariksha.

Nadi Pariksha Book

Metaphorically speaking, practicing Ayurveda is like summiting Mount Everest. Science is the base camp. Science needs to grow so it can accommodate Ayurveda and its procedures. It mustn’t pull Ayurveda down and reduce its procedures to a mere mechanical process or some machine diagnosis.

It will be our foolishness to surrender to a machine and forget how our traditional practices inspire us to be an effective instrument of the divine in healing the ailing population.

I hope, by reading this blog post, the Ayurveda Doctors wake up to be Vaidyas of a higher Order and learn Nadi Pariksha, than being mere machine operators who produce some kind of data which neither they nor the patients understand.

All she needed was some support and then this happened

I was on a teaching assignment in a city called Karnal in the State of Haryana. I was teaching doctors, how to diagnose patients. This training to doctors was being given in a hospital.

At lunch, one of the doctors, a Punjabi invited me to his house for lunch. When we reached home, he asked me whether I’ll be willing to see his mother. He said that she was depressed.

She was in her early fifties. She looked obese. The doctor told me that she had been depressed for months and constantly kept telling in Punjabi, “I want to die”. And she went on and on with those words. He said, the psychiatric medication she was taking didn’t seem to have an effect on her.

I performed her Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis) and found that she was seeking attention and that was all her problem. But, she would ignore her children when they approached her.

From my experience I’ve known that sometimes radical and spontaneous treatments have a profound effect on the patient and healing happens instantaneously. Something like this happened.

Twice a day, for the next 3 days, I’d go to her bedside, point my fingers towards her and tell her in Hindi, “she’s putting up an act”. I did this for 3 days and it worked. On the afternoon of the third day, she got out of bed, took her fresh set of clothes and returned after having a refreshing shower.

What happened next startled me. She came into the kitchen and made some delicious paranthas and served me lunch.

Today, even after eight years, she’s still okay. She’s cheerful and still makes delicious paranthas and serves her family.

Treating the patient is an skilful science that can only be nurtured from experience.

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She thought her husband wasn’t in love with her and then she discovered this


The other day, a lady came to me for a consultation. She told me; I love my husband so much but he simply doesn’t love me or care about me. He is the best dad to our children. But, there is a distance between the two of us.

She had come alone. It was evident there was a gap. His absence showcased it.

I performed her Nadi Pariksha to understand her mental patterns and her subconscious thoughts and feelings. After briefly discussing with her, I suggested some remedial therapies to her.

She came for a followup appointment within two days. This time, her husband was with her. He seemed very gentlemanly. From there conversation, it seemed to me that she was searching for her father figure in him. I discussed with her husband and told her what I felt in her Nadi. We discussed and he got the message. She left soon after the appointment.

When she came for the third appointment, she was all glee. I was eager to know the reason. She told me that when she left after her appointment the previous time, her husband ushered her into their car and told her; let’s go out for lunch, just you and me! Let the kids be at home.

His surprise to her couldn’t contain her joy for an entire week. She was all of a sudden so much in love with him.

That’s when she discovered; that the thought of her husband’s gesture kept coming back to her and she just was more in love. Her love just multiplied. She couldn’t contain her smile.

When you learn Nadi Pariksha, you learn how you can study thoughts, emotions, feelings, subconscious patterns and its effect on the body. The connections between root cause and symptoms are revealed to you.

I have been teaching this ancient science for over 10 years and the rewards have been encouraging. I’ve seen doctors shunning their stethoscopes and using only Nadi Pariksha to diagnose their patients’ ailments and some doctors, for the very first time, have used a combination of marma chikitsa and medicines to remove doshas they have discovered through Nadi Pariksha and have been rewarded with excellent results.

Nadi Pariksha BookPutting all of my years of experience, I have written my book on Nadi Pariksha. To me, it is truly the sacred science of Pulse Diagnosis. My book is being released on 25th, two days from now.

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