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With Nadi Pariksha Level 1 Training you will be way ahead of other doctors in terms of diagnosis.

With Nadi Pariksha Level 1 Training, you and your work will stand out from other normal practitioners.

With Nadi Pariksha Level 1 Training, you will be able to maximise your appointment time by way of accurate diagnosis and proper treatment bringing maximum benefit to patient.

Nadi Pariksha is one of the most sophisticated diagnostic techniques in the world of human anatomical and psychological diagnostics. This is the only form of diagnosis which can enhance your value as a doctor.

With Nadi Pariksha Level 1 Training, you will learn to diagnose, evaluate, know the symptom and the root cause and that too, without the patient having to tell you anything. That raises your value as a Vaidya.

When you are able to suggest harmonious ways of restoring patient health according to dosha, dushya (tissues), Agni (digestive fire and metabolism), Prakrti (constitution), and Sattva (state of mind) through Ahaar (food), Vihaar (lifestyle) and Aushadi (medicine), you can restore health.

This knowledge is known only to an Ayurvedic doctor who practices Nadi Pariksha to diagnose and evaluate the root cause of health conditions in patients.

From the year 2000, when the modern diagnostic equipments came in, evaluation of diagnosis almost stopped. These days, doctors read the machine generated values and medicate the patient. Read this research paper that proves that doctors don’t evaluate diagnosis.


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Watch the below video to see how patients’ trust in Nadi Pariksha and treatments have healed them.

Without Nadi Pariksha, an Ayurvedic doctor is only able to medicate according the symptom that the patient will explain to the doctor. Healing, then is only a matter of chance, not a definite possibility.

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Nadi Pariksha Level 1 Training

January, 2018, Bangalore, India

Mahesh Krishnamurthy teaching Nadi Pariksha Pulse Diagnosis

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