Mahesh Krishnamurthy Quotes

Mahesh Krishnamurthy Quotes spontaneously during lectures, talks, during a friendly conversation or while he is in meditation. Such quotes have been recorded by Mahesh himself as well as his well wishers. We bring you these quotes.


Before preparing to forgive, you have to give up your need to be right

Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha is the oldest and most advanced practice of diagnosis despite the use of modern diagnostic machines


Sleeplessness is caused due to your inability to control situations

Spread Love

Dive deep into people’s hearts and spread love in them


Anger causes stiffness and rigidity in your arteries and veins and that permanently damages your organs

Mind is child like

The mind is child like. It cannot differentiate between good and bad. Expose the mind to only those aspects of life which you would want your child to be exposed to.

Starved of love...

A person who is starved of food is not half as bad as a person who is starved of love


Your internal state of harmony cannot be disturbed by an external state of clutter

Cure Depression

Anti-depressants cannot cure depression. Depression does not require medication

Children learn...

You cannot train your children to be good. Children learn by observing and copying adults

Your Ability

Our abilities are within us. Experiences are the way to discover them


Did you know… When you are happy, your Vitamin D3 and B12 levels are good.

The Universe is here...

The whole Universe is conspiring to serve you all the time

When you are remembered

When others remember you, the thought must only bring a smile on their lips

Your past, present and future

Your past is burnt fuel, your present is burning fuel and your future is fuel ready to burn


Your destiny does not depend on what you want to become one day. It depends on what you choose to be today


Even if you had all the wealth in the world, happiness can only come from sharing

Your Judgment binds you

Your Judgment of events only strengthens your belief and prevents you from changing


Doubting keeps the mind active preventing you from connecting to your God


Your joy does not depend on what you have. It depends on what you are and what you choose to be.

Love yourself

Love yourself unconditionally so you can show unconditional love to others, which is the path to self realisation


Trust that God is with you taking you through Life’s Lessons

Focus on your Learning

Everybody has learning from their experiences. Focus on your learning.

You are born

You are not born to earn Name, Fame or Money. You are here to Serve to the best of your ability.

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