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Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Mahesh’s discipline, dedication and determination finds its roots in his training that he received in the National Defence Academy in 1992 where he was awarded the best Camper of the Year.

In the year 2002, Mahesh Krishnamurthy’s career received a boost when he was invited to join a premiere Centre of Excellence in Ayurveda as a Senior Research Fellow. His research in Ayurveda and Yoga has benefited scores of people.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy is the first person in India to train Government Ayurveda Doctors in Nadi Pariksha. He has also authored a book on Nadi Pariksha titled – “Nadi Pariksha – The Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis“. He has provided consultations to over 50000 people in his 17 years of service in this field.

In the year 2015, he became the first person to present two papers on Nadi Pariksha at the All India Ayurveda Congress that was conducted in Chandigarh.

His vast experience in working with people has got him author his upcoming book titled – “What does she really want!“, a book on enhancing love and understanding between a husband and wife.

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Pulse Diagnosis

When you come for your first appointment, Mahesh Krishnamurthy will perform your Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis (learn more). This helps him understand how thoughts, feelings and emotions influence your body. Are you aware that your beliefs, behaviour and patterns influence your thoughts, feelings and emotions and that they shape your life? What you think and feel about yourself and everyone else is how your life will turn out to be.

Step in with the certainty that you will benefit

Mahesh Krishnamurthy will guide you step by step so that you can be physical well, mentally sturdy and emotionally strong. Take charge of your life and make life worth it.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy believes that that we are a combination of the things we think and the way we treat ourselves…

Cleanse your feelings and emotions

Group activity is energetic. Group activities cleanse your emotions and feelings and refreshes your mind. When you signup Mahesh for your corporate group coaching, you will take home practices that will transform your life. You will also receive practical tips and actionable guidelines periodically. This will help you stay connected to your core need to maintain your physical, mental and emotional health.

Through our programs, we give you super-practical, actionable guidance so you can feel great, take care of your health, and actually enjoy living life.

Pulse Diagnosis by Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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