Have you been taking medicines for several years without much improvement

Have you been taking medicines for several years without much improvement and desperately want to get rid of them? There are chances that you are the one who has not taken responsibility for getting better. This might come as a shock to many.

A lady named Poonam(name changed) came in for consultation. At first sight Poonam looked withdrawn and confused.

I performed Poonam\’s nadi pariksha. The depth of her lifestyle, attitudes, habits and behaviour revealed themselves. The symptoms that they produced become more apparent and obvious to me. This was not the first time I had seen such a pulse or met a person like Poonam.

The Evaluation of Diagnosis is very important

My evaluation of Poonam\’s Nadi Pariksha revealed that she was angry and frustrated unhappy, was restless and aggressive, and hadn\’t had sound sleep for months. Her physical symptoms included a fatty lever, migraine, hyper-acidity, and shallow breathing. Poonam\’s symptoms got her to experience fatigue whenever she climbed stairs or when she walked on an inclined path. She also experienced pains in every muscle.

After revealing her psychological and physical symptoms I told her your symptom is purely psychosomatic.

She agreed to my evaluated findings and told me that she was taking Ayurvedic respiratory medication for over six years. Sometimes, when the doctor is unable to get the whole picture, he or she does not have another choice other than putting the patient under long term medication. Nadi Pariksha is an excellent tool to find out the root cause which include thoughts and emotions and psychological feelings that manifest as physical symptoms such as the ones Poonam was ailing with. An accurate diagnosis can help doctors prescribe simple medication to immediately relieve the symptoms and prescribe assisted therapies and treatments that will cure the root cause completely.

My Appointments

\"NadiWhen you book your first appointment and come in, My appointments span an hour for the only reason that we get to the root of every symptom. This way we can derive maximum benefit by suggesting minimal medication and with effective psychological remedies and other treatments that will free you from your suffering and renew your happiness and joy in life.

Next, I asked Poonam whether she loved her job to which she replied without hesitation that she hated it. My questions continued. She mentioned to me that it was the money that she earned from her job that paid her home loan and run the family, and that was her driving force to go to work everyday. Poonam hated waking up in the mornings, she hated going to work and she was angry with her husband who was present at that time. He had quit his job and was enjoying the pleasures of staying at home.

Do you know taking medicines for several years without much improvement may cause more damage to your body than do good?

I need you to know that your mind body is inter\"\"-linked and a small resistance in the mind will create reaction in the body. Unless you resolve the resistance in your mind your physical symptoms will simply continue to exist or even may aggravate. Taking medicines for several years is no intelligent way to bring happiness in your life. You may have some pleasures alright. But not happiness. There are certainly some cases where medication is the only way to continue your existence, say in cases such as brain tumour induced epilepsy.

What you need to know before you go to an Ayurvedic Doctor for a Consultation

When you book your first appointment for an Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis must involve diagnosing the root cause and then progressively evaluate the symptoms that the body has produced. The next step will be a follow up of the diagnosis with appropriate medications to reduce the symptoms and psychological treatment to resolve the root cause. Together, they will lead you to permanent cure from your physical, emotional and mental sufferings.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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