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Group Therapy Session are one of our powerful ways to facilitate healing with our practices. This makes our practices simple to practice and are immediately effective. With our group therapy practices, you will be able to break your redundant behaviour patterns, release your painful emotions and feelings, and calms your restless mind and help you sleep well, live well, and bring charm into  you and makes your life worth living.

Your mind, its misuse and abuse cause all of the physical symptoms you suffer,  including diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure, migraine headaches, mouth ulcers, kidney diseases, liver diseases, heart disease, neck and cervical pain, back pain and even cancers.

We have been researching for over 15 years on how painful emotions and feelings, behaviour patterns, manifest as physical symptoms. And we also found in Ayurvedic texts, and learnt from masters, practices that will release your painful emotions and feelings and release behaviour patterns and help your body heal.

A focus group driven towards self healing will accelerate your body towards good health.

You can join any of our group therapy sessions and benefit from them instantly.

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