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Fundamentals of Ayurveda Self-Paced Learning


With the Fundamentals of Ayurveda self paced learning modules, you can learn the basics of Ayurveda and maintain better health. Even the basic knowledge about Ayurveda helps reduce medical expenses and expenses on diagnosis. With the right information on Ayurvedic way of living, you can arrest premature ageing of your body and maintain an alert mind. With our One Free Consultation included in this Fundamentals of Ayurveda self paced learning, you can design your diet and lifestyle to achieve overall better health.


"After attending the classes, I have a massive difference in the way I see and understand my body and being. I am more conscious and aware and have started observing a lot in terms of emotions, reactions and responses. I am now more aware of what could cause an imbalance. Specifically, speaking, I am now understanding those “Not to do” things and avoiding them as much as possible."

"Before attending the class, I had massive hair fall, growth of unwanted hair on my face irregular periods and lack of self confidence. After attending the class, I have become more aware of things that I engaged in. I am noticing that my hair fall issue which was persisting for years has stabilised. This course has not just benefited but changed my entire life and cannot be valued with any amount of money."

"I used to have acute Immune Hypothyroidism with 100 mcg dose everyday and since 4 years, it is getting treated without any allopathic medicines. Hence, I need to keep a check every month. After attending your course, my sensitivity has increased and by just observing my body and emotions closely, I am able to understand without any test, what the cause and effect of the symptom is."


This is 10 hour Fundamentals of Ayurveda self paced learning that will take you through 3 major stages to help you understand how your body works and what you can do to maintain its youthfulness.


Learn the basics of how your body is made, what it is made of. This basic understanding is required for you to prepare for your journey towards greater overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


Learn how your body functions and what organs constitute the body and how it works. This learning is required for you to understand the functioning of the body. This will help you appreciate the body for what it is.


Learn how your body responds to external inputs as well and threats as well as internal stimulus which are your thoughts, feelings and emotions. This stage will help you work with your body to maintain optimal health.


How did your body come into existence? What makes it been good health? In order to know how to take care of your body, you first need to understand the basics of creation and its principle. In this first stage, you will learn from lessons that will help you understand the basics of creation and how your body came into being. This is particularly important for you to know because, the fundamentals of creation are the basic principles on which the body also sustains its existence, growth and sustenance.

Your body works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. What makes it work so efficiently! What can you do to support it?

Do you know that your body needs your assistance to stay healthy and stop growing old? In order to support your body, we will help you learn about your body’s internal structure which includes organs and tissues and how they work. We will also share anecdotes on how your body can be more efficient and what you must do and must avoid so that your body can help you live better.

Did you know that your body is a sensitive and intelligent machine?

Your body works relentlessly in the most efficient way. It responds to your thoughts, feelings and emotions and any negative emotion can obstruct its proper functioning. Your body also reacts to external influence such as foods, beverages and substances. What you eat is what your body will become.

We will help you learn ayurvedic dietetics that will give you all that is required for you to plan your diet, lifestyle and refine your habits and behavior so that you can stay healthy and young.


When you register, you will get access to all the lessons which will help you understand how your body works and what you can do to maintain its youthfulness. With our one free consultation worth ₹2000 included with this Fundamentals of Ayurveda self paced learning, you can design a friendly diet and lifestyle that will arrest premature ageing and work towards keep your weight trim and maintain a better physical, mental and emotional health.

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*One Free Consultation worth ₹2000 Included

*You can enquire about monthly payment options


  • Teach you the basic elements that make the body
  • Helps you understand your body and its maintenance
  • Helps you design your own diet to improve your health
  • Helps you maintain better physical and mental health


Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy Founder Director

Founder Director, Nadichikitsa Wellness OPC Pvt Ltd

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