Heal instantly with subtle elements

Emotional healing online training is aimed at helping you learn how to free the body from pain, disease and illness. Our body is governed by our thoughts, feelings and emotional responses to situations.

Did you know that when you abuse emotions of sorrow, fear and anger, they become the primary causes of almost all illnesses?

Emotional wellbeing training

  • Know the three most powerful emotions that can make or break your life
  • Learn how your thoughts and feelings are influenced and how you can protect yourself
  • How to stop seeking Validation
  • Learn to be okay with others Expectation from you
  • How to beat accumulated stress successfully
  • Learn what constitutes your personality and how to balance it
  • Learn to Break Repetitive Thought Patterns that cause anxiety
  • Understand Guilt and know how you can get rid of it
  • Flush your past and prevent it from overtaking your life
  • Learn to work with Rejection
  • How to work with Trauma of Separation or death of a loved one
  • Learn to release past anger, sorrow and fear of the future with Mahopeksha – The Great Forgiveness
  • Rekindling Joy in your life
  • How to improve your self worth
  • Learn the way to help others who feel emotionally deprived

"After attending the classes, I have a massive difference in the way I see and understand my body and being. I am more conscious and aware and have started observing a lot in terms of emotions, reactions and responses. I am now more aware of what could cause an imbalance. Specifically, speaking, I am now understanding those “Not to do” things and avoiding them as much as possible."

"Before attending the class, I had massive hair fall, growth of unwanted hair on my face irregular periods and lack of self confidence. After attending the class, I have become more aware of things that I engaged in. I am noticing that my hair fall issue which was persisting for years has stabilised. This course has not just benefited but changed my entire life and cannot be valued with any amount of money."

"I used to have acute Immune Hypothyroidism with 100 mcg dose everyday and since 4 years, it is getting treated without any allopathic medicines. Hence, I need to keep a check every month. After attending your course, my sensitivity has increased and by just observing my body and emotions closely, I am able to understand without any test, what the cause and effect of the symptom is."


Nadichikitsa’s Emotional Healing Training is a 4-weekend (2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays) programme. This programme will transform your life in every which way. After this training, you can help yourself, your family members as well as your friends and colleagues resolve their emotional issues and flush their past and embrace life’s abundant supply of happiness and joy.


Learn how emotions affect your body. There are fundamentally three emotions that affect our body adversely. They affect our internal organs as well as our external sense organs independently or in a unique combination. Know the basics.


Learn the science of healthy relationships and how they influence you. Also learn how to erase painful experiences from your past and clear your subconscious and rebuild a new inventory of happy and love filled emotions that matter.


Some people want to heal while some others want to complain and procrastinate getting back to good health. Learn to identify the ones who need help from those who don’t. Also learn how you can help your those who are in need of help.


Do you know how powerful the mind is? Do you know that anything you think actually comes true?

The mind is the most powerful and best creative tool known to us. Without it, our ability to think and process information logically and analytically would simply be impossible. It is important and necessary understand our personality.

This is particularly important for you to know because, as humans, our personality matters and how we use our personality to manifest what we want.

Have you observed how your body communicates with other human and animal bodies? Do you know the importance of communication in your life?

Your body is a sensitive and intelligent organism. What makes it work so efficiently?

A harmonious mixture of communication conversation creates a positive influence. Know how stress changes your body language and vocabulary. Learn to communicate and converse harmoniously. Also learn how you can prevent disharmony.

Haven’t we all learnt the power of love? How many of us have heard or witnessed how love heals?

Love  is the basis on which life exists on earth. If love did not exist, life on earth will cease to exist. All forms of life live in love.

Many of us also mistake love as an emotion. The physicality of love is not the same as the absolute love that encompasses all of us. Relationship issues are caused because of this misunderstanding.

Learn to difference between love and the physicality of it.

Do you know what is the reason trust is broken in a relationships?

One of the main reasons people are unable to trust one another is because of judgment. We build relationships based on how we judge a person. What if we trust actively and judge passively? Passive judgment helps us open ourselves to understanding each other instead of building a notion about the other person. Learn to consciously but judge passively and build healthier relationships around you.

Are you aware of the three basic emotions that help us socialise with one another?

Socialising is an important and necessary part of our existence. Harmony in family as well as in society is present because of the intelligent use of the three basic emotions that we all carry.

When we are stressed, the mind takes over and these emotions are expressed unconsciously, creating disharmony in and around us. Learn how you can harness your inner ability to express emotions consciously.

Do you understand how co-ordinating the heart and mind can bring amazing results to what you do?

While the mind is extremely important to conceptualise,visualise and create, it is the heart that fuels intent in such creation. Maintaining purity in your intention can bring out harmonious solutions to worldly challenges. Emotional distress is caused by disharmony in thought and feeling. Doing what you don’t love is a breeding ground of physical as well as psychological ailments.

Learn to invoke a harmonious intent into everyday life.

What makes a body heal and the mind peaceful?

Did you know that thoughts, feelings and emotions can be retrieved from unpleasant experiences and invested in beautiful and meaningful experiences that matter?

Healing happens when you move from disharmony and unpleasantness to love and harmony. The way is to release your judgments and reclaim your freedom from thoughts, emotions and feelings. You can heal your body and mind.

Learn how to reverse illnesses by releasing your judgments and reclaiming your emotional freedom


When you register for the Emotional Healing Online Training, you will receive my book – “What does she really want”, which is a book that helps you learn the ways to improve your physical, mental and emotional well-being and maturity and nurture love and harmony in your relationships. You will also receive all the video lessons of the course.

₹8000 in India 

$120 for overseas clients


  • Understand your personality and the power of mind
  • Know how emotions can make or break your life
  • Understand how stress can manipulate your behaviour
  • Learn to embrace love and reject physicality of love
  • Understand and practice active and passive judgment
  • Learn how three basic emotions manifest in you
  • Understand the role of heart and mind
  • Release judgments and reclaim your emotional freedom
  • Learn when you must help others and when you mustn’t


Dr Mahesh Krishnamurthy Founder Director

Founder Director, Nadichikitsa Wellness OPC Pvt Ltd

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