Can you see an opportunity when you are suffering in sorrow?

Suffering in sorrow is one of the most painful feelings one can go through. It is more painful to see someone else suffer in sorrow. Especially when you are feeling others’ sorrow and there is little or nothing you can do about it.

Why does God allow Suffering?

Sorrow and suffering is the reason why we are alive today. If there was no sorrow or suffering, we will not know how to live. When there is sorrow or suffering, we look towards the end of this sorrow so we can know how to be happy. And, when we are happy, we are ignorant of our state and we take happiness for granted. We do stupid things so that we can experience more happiness. There is nothing called more happiness. When desire creeps into wanting more happiness, happiness turns to pleasure. And pleasure brings sorrow and pain.

So, we keep going up and down in happiness and sorrow, pleasure and pain.

God allows suffering only because He wants you to know who you really are. Suffering is a momentary feeling of being disconnected from your eternal Self and identification with the limited self. When you come to know your reality, all suffering becomes an opportunity to serve God.

Grief and Sorrow

When we are in grief and sorrow, we are willing to do anything to get rid of it. If you spent too much time in sorrow, you will get depressed and you will not want to live any longer. And grief and sorrow can also create physical suffering. But, if you spend some time in sorrow and want to come out of it, you give yourself that opportunity. 

Sorrow and pain can be a great teacher. Sorrow brings with it an opportunity to serve. It is only by serving yourself that you can come out of sorrow. And there is a way to do it. The way is Karma Yoga. It is the only way to bring the end of suffering.

Why do we suffer?

When you are in sorrow and suffering, you want everyone to look at you. You want to feel more and more miserable because you are thinking and feeling that the worst has happened to you. You become more and more selfish and self-centered. You want the world to look at you and feel sorry for you.

All creatures go through the emotions of happiness, joy, pain and suffering. But there is a difference between human suffering and animal suffering. We suffer more because we expand our experience. When we are happy, we want the world to know that we are happy. And we behave the same way when we are unhappy, sad or suffering.

We want everyone to know. We want attention from everyone. We are living in hollowness. We want everyone else to fill their feelings in our hollowness. 

Healing pain and suffering

The way to heal your pain and suffering in sorrow is very simple. But it is not easy. Once you get the habit, it becomes easy. Then you cannot get into a state of suffering ever.

In times of sorrow, instead of sitting in a dark room with no lights, and reminding yourself that life is suffering, go out and serve. You can begin your service by helping people with little things. In the beginning you will see nobody wanting help. You must be patient and you will see. Begin with small tasks. Then you will see great opportunities to help others. 

When you begin to help others, you will see how small your sorrow is when compared to how much light you can share by helping others.

And by helping others, you are getting rid of your sorrow and suffering. You must not stop when you feel light and beautiful. You must continue serving so that you can spread more and more light with everyone. This is why God has brought us here. This is our purpose of life.

When you learn to spread light through service, you will know the true meaning of life.

So, every moment, instead of thinking how much you are suffering, it is better to look at what service you can render to people, nature, animals and all of the creations of God.

About the Author – Mahesh Krishnamurthy helps people overcome there suffering in sorrow through specific techniques that he has created from the guidance he received in his meditations. For a personal session, you can schedule a work with me appointment.

You can simply overcome emotional pain

A lady came to me a few days ago. Her complaint was that she was putting all the effort she wanted to at home and at work and that she had no luck.

I perform d her Nadi Pariksha and what I could see through the diagnosis was that she was very unhappy. Every time a problem she was going through was announced, she nodded in acceptance with a smile.

For her, her pain had become a pleasurable experience. Many of my clients, get so used to pain that they are unable to live life without pain. If they don’t have it, they’ll create one. Then they complain about their pains.

If you want your life to painless and beautiful, the first step is to stop creating pain. Think of a Happy situation instead and actually create one. Then form a thread or sequence of happy thoughts and happy actions. Only then life itself will turn around for you.

Here’s a simple practice to turn your life around now.

Sit in a comfortable position. You can sit on the ground or on a chair. You can also be resting on a couch with your legs stretched.

I’m sharing a breathing practice to you, and a different one.

Before you breathe in, see bars of happiness, love, joy, laughter and fun as words around you.

Breathe in these words and breathe out normally. Put your effort in breathing in happiness, love, joy, laughter and fun.

Do this practice for a few minutes and see how it changes you instantly.

I shared this practice with a lady who had sharp shooting pains in her left knee. After just two minutes of this practice, her pains were gone. I saw her the next day too, and she said that her pains here just vanished.

Don’t make pain a pleasurable experience. Replace pain with happiness, love, joy, laughter and fun.

⁃ Mahesh Krishnamurthy

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This is the day my journey to freedom began

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It was 9 years ago, the same day. I remember this experience as if it happened just a few hours ago.

My wife told us that she will make pizzas for us. My daughter and I jumped with joy at the idea. So, off we went to get some pizza base. So, we went to a grocer’s store to enquire. We did not find the pizza base but, what caught my daughter’s attention was a plastic Christmas tree. It must’ve been about 2 feet tall. She saw and looked at me. Her eyes were charming and there was this light of enthusiasm. She asked me, ‘Can we buy that tree? So, I asked instead, what are we going to do with it? Then she said, we’ll put up the three for Christmas. I asked, then? To which she answered, ‘We’ll keep it upright until New Years.’ I resumed my question, ‘then?’ To which she replied, ‘We’ll put it in the attic.

I explained to her that we don’t need to buy a Christmas tree to put it in the attic. She was upset. We got into the car and I drove off in search of the pizza base. There was silence in the car. I looked at my daughter’s face. She was unhappy.

I pulled the car over. Looking at her, I told her, ‘We have to go back to the store.’ Looking at me with moist eyes she asked, ‘why?’ I replied, ‘We need to get your happiness back. You left it on the Christmas tree.’ We both laughed.

In life, we leave our happiness in situations expecting those situations to make us happy. We carry these situations in the attic for a long time and then forget about it. The situations then gather dust and then we have to deal with a lot more stuff than just the situation. The truth is, situations do not make us happy. We can make our situation a happy one. All we have to do is to invest happiness and joy in the situation and that’s what it will turn out to become.

In our expectations from situations, we forget to be loving, happy and joyful.

Over the years, I realised the importance of these three words… Love, Happiness and Joy. I began to practice forgiveness. I released every experience, one by one. It took me 6 years. I worked on myself every single day. And finally, my attic was empty.

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