3 steps to increase Passion in relationship

Peter (name changed) and his wife came to me a few days ago. Peter had read about spirituality. He was reading about how you can claim your freedom. Peter was married. In the process of following the author who had written the text, Peter distanced himself from his wife. He became less intrusive and less involved when his wife expressed herself emotionally. He also taught his wife how she can stay unaffected. However, what he practiced did not lead him to freedom. Somewhere he felt stuck, but, he couldn\’t find out. His wife was going into depression. She felt worthless because Peter had stopped involving himself in her affairs. Their marriage was dry with no passion. Peter learnt the 3 steps to increase passion in relationship. Their marriage is back on track with freedom and passion.

What does it mean to increase passion in relationship

Passion between two people increases through several intentionally strong verbal or non-verbal actions. Passion does not mean lust. When you are passionate with your wife, you will do a few things that will ignite love in the air. Here are a few ways you can increase passion in your relationship so that you can ignite love in-between.

Passion means to be in synchronicity with your partner

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Be blind for the right reasons

Love is blind. Be blind for the right reasons. More than often, I have seen people being blindly in love with a partner. It is only after marriage that they realise what they have got themselves into. And they wonder why they even committed themselves into that relationship.

One of the best ways to increase passion in relationship is to love unconditionally. When you love, you become less intrusive. I remember an instance when a friend of mine was with his wife in a temple. At that time, the priest was offering devotees mudra-dharane, a religious practice of using \’Mudras\’ (dyes) usually made of gold or copper that are heated on a coal fire and stamped on the body.

My friend is opposed to this practice. He believes it is an inhuman practice whereas his wife believes it is not only a religious practice, but also has health benefits to it.

On that day, my friend and I were sitting in meditation in front of the deity. We were immersed in love. His wife returned after partaking Darshan and asked my friend whether she can take mudra-dharana. He not only consented to her request, he also accompanied her and watched, while still immersed in love, as she got her mudra-dharana done.

When you are in love, you are less intrusive

– Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Appreciate your partner often

We all do several things everyday. Many of the tasks we take on, are accomplished in different ways. Sometimes, the method we use are unique to us and unusual times. Whenever your wife uses an unusual method that throws a different perspective of how differently a task can be accomplished, appreciate her. Appreciation brings in new life into us. We all like appreciate when it comes. Appreciating your partner usually brings the two of you closer to each other. Appreciation does increase passion in your relationship.

Never fake your appreciation. You must not want to be close to your partner. You will be close to your partner when you are genuine with your partner. More than often, your partner will get to know when you are faking it. So, be careful.

One person brought his wife to me for consultation because she had headaches. My diagnosis through Nadi Pariksha revealed that it was lack of appreciation that caused her frustration which resulted in her headache. This man was busy creating assets for his wife and daughter while she had become impatient waiting for his appreciation.

Women will be better of re-claiming their freedom instead of waiting for appreciation.

Leave her alone when she needs it

More often, we men tend to dig into our spouse\’s sadness. If you haven\’t yet learnt, then, here it is. When your wife is upset, just be there with her but, don\’t speak a word. Don\’t even breathe loudly. Just be there. You can leave her alone only if she wants you too. Don\’t appreciate your wife when she is not in the best of her moods. It will boomerang in a way you would\’ve least expected.

A woman feels more comfortable when her man is around her. More so, when she is upset. She doesn\’t need your understanding or care. She just wants you to be there for her when she needs you. That only she can tell when she needs you and when she doesn\’t.

In Conclusion

You can be a great companion to your partner is when you stop understanding her and yet trust her. Appreciate her when she has cooked a meal, achieved a goal or accomplished a task. Before I complete, I\’d like to say that men look for more appreciation than women. Men latch on to the person who appreciates them as if they are getting a carton of dark chocolate.

Write to me how your relationship improved after following these steps. your comments will inspire several others to improve their relationship too.

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Great expository

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