With the advent of Nadi Pariksha Machines, is learning Nadi Pariksha still relevant?

From the days of my research in Ayurveda and Yoga shastras from 2002, Several Sanskrit Pundits and Intellectuals have been in many discussion with me and suggesting to me that I must explore the possibilities of creating a machine that can Diagnose patients with Nadi Pariksha.

I was exploring the depths of our ability to diagnose and check patients with Nadi Pariksha. My journey inward continues even today.

Two years ago, an innovator of a Nadi Pariksha machine approached me asking whether I can share how I do Nadi Pariksha and how I record my data. He was then in the process of creating his machine which, he said, would replace Nadi Pariksha.

I shared my data, and today, we see this machine making inroads rapidly into the market and into every doctor’s table.

I was also told by a very senior person in the department of AYUSH that I must use this machine along side my traditional diagnostic methods.

I have a few questions very important here;

Have the research scholars studied what happens to the patient when a Vaidya performs traditional Nadi Pariksha? What effects take place in the patient? How is it different from performing a machine diagnosis? What spiritual practices does a Vaidya undertake that boosts a patient’s confidence in the Vaidya? What does the environment of the Vaidya do to the patient?

Without involving in a wholesome study of traditional practices, one must not assume and create shortcuts. A few people can destroy traditional ways of healing only because they believe that there is a smarter way of going about it.

Recently, I was in a meeting with the same innovator and he said; “Don’t be idealistic. I have offers from people who want to invest in the project and I can’t tell you how many zeros are there. I am still counting.”

It was a very shallow statement that he made. Is it all about money? Is that all? And he also said; I am first approaching those Ayurveda doctors who do not know Ayurveda. These are the people who will buy my machines and that is my entry point. I am also increasing their financial position. They can earn a little more with Nadi Pariksha.

The western world is researching the effects of traditional Indian practices on the body-mind-emotion whereas, the Indian research fraternity is moving in the opposite direction.

Madness in innovation mustn’t fool people into believing that they will replace human intellect.

I like to quote an experience I had with a patient several years ago.

A woman called me and asked me whether I would be willing to come over to her house to diagnose her condition. She had a hole in her dura and her CSF was leaking. She had been advised surgery.

I went there to see her. During the process of performing Nadi Pariksha, I was mentally chanting Gayatri Mantra. Something happened to my patient which she noticed, but did not mention to me while I was there.

I suggested her the remedies and came away.

I teach doctors to chant the Gayatri Mantra. This is one of the Mantras that gives us the timeline to measure the health of the pulse.

Four hours later, the woman called me and said that while undergoing Nadi Pariksha, her CSF leak had stopped. It never recurred since. She is still doing fine and without having to undergo any surgical procedures.

Can machine diagnosis do this?

Nadi Pariksha is a divine science of diagnosis and evaluation of our body, mind and emotion. You can learn Nadi Pariksha.

Nadi Pariksha Book

Metaphorically speaking, practicing Ayurveda is like summiting Mount Everest. Science is the base camp. Science needs to grow so it can accommodate Ayurveda and its procedures. It mustn’t pull Ayurveda down and reduce its procedures to a mere mechanical process or some machine diagnosis.

It will be our foolishness to surrender to a machine and forget how our traditional practices inspire us to be an effective instrument of the divine in healing the ailing population.

I hope, by reading this blog post, the Ayurveda Doctors wake up to be Vaidyas of a higher Order and learn Nadi Pariksha, than being mere machine operators who produce some kind of data which neither they nor the patients understand.

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