All she needed was some support and then this happened

I was on a teaching assignment in a city called Karnal in the State of Haryana. I was teaching doctors, how to diagnose patients. This training to doctors was being given in a hospital.

At lunch, one of the doctors, a Punjabi invited me to his house for lunch. When we reached home, he asked me whether I’ll be willing to see his mother. He said that she was depressed.

She was in her early fifties. She looked obese. The doctor told me that she had been depressed for months and constantly kept telling in Punjabi, “I want to die”. And she went on and on with those words. He said, the psychiatric medication she was taking didn’t seem to have an effect on her.

I performed her Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis) and found that she was seeking attention and that was all her problem. But, she would ignore her children when they approached her.

From my experience I’ve known that sometimes radical and spontaneous treatments have a profound effect on the patient and healing happens instantaneously. Something like this happened.

Twice a day, for the next 3 days, I’d go to her bedside, point my fingers towards her and tell her in Hindi, “she’s putting up an act”. I did this for 3 days and it worked. On the afternoon of the third day, she got out of bed, took her fresh set of clothes and returned after having a refreshing shower.

What happened next startled me. She came into the kitchen and made some delicious paranthas and served me lunch.

Today, even after eight years, she’s still okay. She’s cheerful and still makes delicious paranthas and serves her family.

Treating the patient is an skilful science that can only be nurtured from experience.

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