Simple ways to a healthy body

This planet is bustling with humans. The next largest thing visible in this planet is probably hospitals. There are too many of them. Yet, healthcare is still a challenge.

If everything we did was right, why would we have so many hospitals? What is it we have not understood about ourselves?

There is a fundamental flaw in understanding our role and likewise there is a fundamental flaw in what a doctor is groomed to become.

I’ve lived in this body for 47 years and likewise everyone has been living in their bodies from the time their bodies were born.

Now, we need a dose of common sense, if you please!

I’m turning to the Vedas for this! According to the Vedas, I’m not the body, I’m not the mind, I’m not the senses, I’m not the thoughts, I’m not the thinker, neither I’m the one who eats, nor am I the one who digests. I’m none of these, yet I’m in all of them, alive and present.

If I’m none of these and still I’m alive and present in all of them, then, I must understand how these systems called body, mind, senses work, right? Because, if I don’t get it, I’m not sure if I’m doing it properly.

For example; if I’m not the thinker, how does thinking happen and how do thoughts get produced? Who is responsible for these thoughts then?

And where do the cravings come from? What must I eat, what I must avoid and why? When do I sleep and when do I wake up?

The sages and ancient scientists put in certain simple guidelines they called healthy living.

So, there are classifications of living such as, healthy living, evaluative living, prescriptive living, healing, surgery, recuperative healing etc.,

Healthy living comprises of daily living where a person has to perform certain physical, mental, psychological and spiritual activities to keep the body, mind and thoughts, emotions and feelings healthy. This, they called Dinacharya.

Evaluative living happens when seasonal changes occur and you have to address the changes by evaluating the changes happening in the body. For example; in summer, the body needs more fluids than solids. This is a season when thirst is felt more than hunger. You’ll have to evaluate what the body needs and provide that to the body rather than following a habit. They called this Rutucharya.

Prescriptive living is when a Vaidya steps into your life. The word Vaidya means the one who possesses the wisdom of healthy living. A Vaidya is good at suggesting you prescriptive living, with or without medication, healing, etc,.

The first step is yours, in taking good care of your body.

To be continued…

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