He feared the worst when his mother went breathless

I received a call from a man in his early 50’s. He spoke from another city and so he requested me to see his mother who was staying in Bangalore.

She was a little over 80 he said. He also mentioned that she seemed fit and healthy. However, when she walked on an up-gradient, she would go tired and breathless.

He feared a possible heart related issue and had got her checked. All reports were normal. He was clueless.

So, he took an appointment and arranged her transportation so she could come for the consultation.

When she came in, she looked cheerful and didn’t seem her age. She looked ten years or more younger than her age.

I performed her Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis) and realised that her heart was fine. But, bronchi in her lungs were constricted and they weren’t absorbing enough oxygen and that, probably caused her to become tired and breathless.

So, to put my diagnosis to test, I performed Marma Chikitsa on her and she felt relief even while standing. Her condition improved immediately. She has been walking since and without much strain.

Cure can sometimes be a simple and effective practice such as Marma Chikitsa. Cure without medicine became possible for her.

When we give into fear, we think only of the worst. We let go of common sense.

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