Yoga Chikitsa Coaching

Asana is a practice of placing the body in a particular position and being still and firm and that becomes the meditation.

There is another definition of Asana. Putting the body into a new position to bring comfort and healing. This is Chikitsa (therapy).

Therapeutic postures and other Yoga practices are suggested to an individual who has certain physical challenges. Yoga Chikitsa is a  healing technique that works quickly on your body and mind.

Symptoms such as scoliosis, cervical (nape of neck and shoulder) pains can be cured in just a few sessions and your cure is permanent.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy has rich experience in Therapeutic Application of Yoga. He has studied Yoga therapeutics from several institutes and also researched on Yoga Shastras for 4 years before he began teaching Yoga Chikitsa.

Some of the Yoga Chikitsa treatments you will learn to work on are;

  1. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Cervical (nape of neck and shoulder) pains
  2. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Migraine headaches
  3. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Disturbed Sleep
  4. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Sleeplessness
  5. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Upper back pains
  6. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Difficulty in breathing
  7. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Asthma
  8. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Nasal Congestion
  9. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Hearing loss (not complete loss of hearing)
  10. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Stiffness in neck and shoulder
  11. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Frozen shoulder
  12. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  13. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
  14. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Scoliosis
  15. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Slouching
  16. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Lumbar Spondylosis
  17. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Ankylosing Spondylosis
  18. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Constipation
  19. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Stiffness in hips
  20. Yoga Chikitsa to Cure Pain in legs
  21. and Yoga Chikitsa to Cure many more symptoms ....

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