Are you managing your symptoms with medication? How long do you think your patience will hold on? Isn't it time you discovered the root cause of your symptom so that you can root it out and live a medicine free life?

Nādi Pariksha is a diagnostic practice in Ayurveda to find the root cause of any ailment and illness in the body.


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Pain is one of the most miserable physical feelings you want to get rid of now. It is also one of the least managed symptoms.

Marma Chikitsa is an ancient technique that helps provide immediate and in some cases permanent relief to the patient.


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Nadi Pariksha Coaching Programme

Are you an Ayurveda Doctor who has to tell your patient that you don't know Nadi Pariksha? Are you unable to upgrade your value as an Ayurveda Doctor? Isn't it time you learn how to discover the root cause of the symptom your patient is complaining about so that you can root it out and help your patients live a healthily and happily?

Join our upcoming Nadi Pariksha Training Level 1 Programme

Date: 29-30 March, Ludhiana, Punjab.

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Marma Chikitsa Coaching Programme

When your patients or your clients come to you for pain relief, do you more than often suggest pain relief medication? Do you lose clients due to your inexperience in treating pain symptoms? Are your clients bringing you only marginal revenue? Are you looking for ways to enhance your revenue potential by adding value to your skill?

Marma Chikitsa is an ancient Ayurvedic remedy that helps reduce Vayu. Vayu when aggravated causes pain. Pain reduction is quick, easy and a medicine less treatment.

Join our upcoming Marma Chikitsa Programme.

Date 29-31 March, Ludhiana, Punjab


Yoga Chikitsa Coaching Programme

The practice of Yoga has deteriorated in the recent past to just a set of body postures and a few breathing techniques.

Yoga, really is a practice of union with God within. However, it becomes difficult to sit comfortably due to the multiplex of situations we put ourselves through.

Yoga Chikitsa is a practice to harmonise the body so that the body can be happy and mind in peace and the heart in divine love.

Join our upcoming Yoga Chikitsa Programme.

Date 31st March, Ludhiana, Punjab

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