All she needed was some support and then this happened

I was on a teaching assignment in a city called Karnal in the State of Haryana. I was teaching doctors, how to diagnose patients. This training to doctors was being given in a hospital.

At lunch, one of the doctors, a Punjabi invited me to his house for lunch. When we reached home, he asked me whether I’ll be willing to see his mother. He said that she was depressed.

She was in her early fifties. She looked obese. The doctor told me that she had been depressed for months and constantly kept telling in Punjabi, “I want to die”. And she went on and on with those words. He said, the psychiatric medication she was taking didn’t seem to have an effect on her.

I performed her Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis) and found that she was seeking attention and that was all her problem. But, she would ignore her children when they approached her.

From my experience I’ve known that sometimes radical and spontaneous treatments have a profound effect on the patient and healing happens instantaneously. Something like this happened.

Twice a day, for the next 3 days, I’d go to her bedside, point my fingers towards her and tell her in Hindi, “she’s putting up an act”. I did this for 3 days and it worked. On the afternoon of the third day, she got out of bed, took her fresh set of clothes and returned after having a refreshing shower.

What happened next startled me. She came into the kitchen and made some delicious paranthas and served me lunch.

Today, even after eight years, she’s still okay. She’s cheerful and still makes delicious paranthas and serves her family.

Treating the patient is an skilful science that can only be nurtured from experience.

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She thought her husband wasn’t in love with her and then she discovered this


The other day, a lady came to me for a consultation. She told me; I love my husband so much but he simply doesn’t love me or care about me. He is the best dad to our children. But, there is a distance between the two of us.

She had come alone. It was evident there was a gap. His absence showcased it.

I performed her Nadi Pariksha to understand her mental patterns and her subconscious thoughts and feelings. After briefly discussing with her, I suggested some remedial therapies to her.

She came for a followup appointment within two days. This time, her husband was with her. He seemed very gentlemanly. From there conversation, it seemed to me that she was searching for her father figure in him. I discussed with her husband and told her what I felt in her Nadi. We discussed and he got the message. She left soon after the appointment.

When she came for the third appointment, she was all glee. I was eager to know the reason. She told me that when she left after her appointment the previous time, her husband ushered her into their car and told her; let’s go out for lunch, just you and me! Let the kids be at home.

His surprise to her couldn’t contain her joy for an entire week. She was all of a sudden so much in love with him.

That’s when she discovered; that the thought of her husband’s gesture kept coming back to her and she just was more in love. Her love just multiplied. She couldn’t contain her smile.

When you learn Nadi Pariksha, you learn how you can study thoughts, emotions, feelings, subconscious patterns and its effect on the body. The connections between root cause and symptoms are revealed to you.

I have been teaching this ancient science for over 10 years and the rewards have been encouraging. I’ve seen doctors shunning their stethoscopes and using only Nadi Pariksha to diagnose their patients’ ailments and some doctors, for the very first time, have used a combination of marma chikitsa and medicines to remove doshas they have discovered through Nadi Pariksha and have been rewarded with excellent results.

Nadi Pariksha BookPutting all of my years of experience, I have written my book on Nadi Pariksha. To me, it is truly the sacred science of Pulse Diagnosis. My book is being released on 25th, two days from now.

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Be Energetic Through the Week

Getting ready for the race
How nice it would be if you did not have Mondays! And how nice it would be if Friday evening was every other hour!
These thoughts haunt many people in the industry.
Energy is a mind concept many people don’t understand very well. Everyone has it, few understand it and the rest ignore it.
Your energy levels are directly related to your liking to the activity you are to be engaged with.
For example; If you did not like your job, you will most probably have Monday Blues.
On the contrary, if you have a trek coming up, you’ll not need a reminder to wake up at 5AM.
There is a way to manage your energy levels through the week in any situation. All it takes is a 20 minute practice of balancing your energies every morning and night and you will stay fresh through the day.
Here is a technique that will help you stay mentally fit through the week.
  • Sit for a few minutes everyday at the same time
  • Think of at least 5 work experiences that helped you stay inspired
  • If you haven’t any, create the experiences such as accomplishing a task, helping someone, completing a scheduled task on time, etc., and then redo the task of recalling the experiences
  • Then relive the experiences one at a time and when you feel the high, write in your diary – “I am feeling wow now.”
  • Make it a regular habit to add a few new uplifting experiences frequently.
Marma Chikitsa is another technique which will help you calm your mind, release your stress, help you sleep better and wake up fresh every morning. You can learn this technique in just half day and keep yourself fresh and energetic week after week.

What if I told you that your thinking is influenced?


A person came to me yesterday for a consultation. He said he had a few issues and every doctor he visited put him through investigations but all reports came to be normal.

I performed his Nadi Pariksha and told him what his problems were. As he listened, he was convinced that the diagnosis was accurate. But, that was not what I wanted to communicate to you today.

I observed my diagnosis of his mind, it was something I had seen before, but it was not very common and that was the core of all his physical problems. He had this personality of doubting everything and finding the missing piece in every thing he saw. To say without jargon, he was a a doubter and a fault finder. That was his job too. But, that had become his personality.

As I probed deeper, I found that one of his parents’ had this personality and that was the genesis of my client’s behaviour.

All his physical symptoms of stiffness in his low back, stiffness in his neck and shoulders, disturbed sleep, improper digestion, slow bowel pressure, abdominal pains, pain in his hips and low Vitamin D3 levels emanated from here. He came to know how every problem had its reason to have manifested in his body.

His treatment is due to begin and I am sure he will bring himself out of his problems.

Diagnosing how emotional and psychological behaviour manifests as physical symptoms and how to diagnose them is what I help Ayurvedic Doctors learn. You too can learn Nadi Pariksha – The Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis.

Diagnostic evaluation is one of the most interesting subjects to study and practice. Most people working with people do not probe deep enough into evaluation because it consumes time. They instead just take an aerial view of the symptom and are quick to fix it. Read this research paper which says medical evaluation has taken a back seat since the year 2000 when modern medical diagnostic machines are perceived to replace doctors’ evaluation. Its such a mislead.

I have been teaching doctors to practice diagnosis and evaluation through Nadi Pariksha. My book – Nadi Pariksha-The Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis will help every Ayurvedic doctor must learn Nadi Pariksha.

And now, we plan to teach a basic version of Nadi Pariksha to every householder so that they can effectively diagnose aches and pains in the body and avoid running to a local drug store to medicate themselves, instead learn to cure their symptoms with Marma Chikitsa.

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Is Ayurvedic Diagnosis moving the Allopathic way?

Nadi Pariksha-the sacred science-book

The advent of technology has seen innovations and inventions in almost all fields. In recent years, the market has seen the emergence of devices that diagnose the pulse. I had a personal meeting with the inventor of one such machine and also had an experience of Nadi Pariskha with one such device.

This machine is making inroads into the clinics of Ayurveda doctors and they plan to capture major market share with their aggressive marketing team.

What’s in it for an Ayurveda Doctor?

Well, the machine gives you an impressive graphical representation of the pulse. Its evaluation is an averaging of patient data that’s been collected before. I wouldn’t say it’s a conclusive evidence of a diagnosis! It’s just a gross representation. A doctor must still use his or her intellect to ascertain the correctness of the diagnosis by their own methods.

The inventor of the pulse diagnosing machine shared that his marketing team is first targeting those BAMS doctors who are weak in their diagnosis. This way, the inventor believes he is serving a purpose. The truth is that such doctors may make a quick buck by showcasing this machine and care little about their patients. The charts they’ll show their patients may add some glamour to their business.

However, its not the machine we’re talking about. The problem is elsewhere. The machines are making a headway only because of the faulty system.

Firstly, the doctors study Ayurveda shastras for 5 years. Then, they end up interning in a modern medical hospital diagnosing according to modern diagnostic methods and prescribing English medicines.

When they come out after their internship, they’ve almost forgotten everything of what they learnt about Ayurvedic Medical Sciences in the 5 years.

In short, the system doesn’t infuse value in its own practitioners. The system depletes self worth of BAMS graduates.

By thrusting this machine into the hands of the Ayurvedic doctors, the inventor hopes to increase the patient inflow of the practicing doctors thereby increasing their monthly revenues.

What do these Ayurvedic doctors stand to lose?

In the long run, these doctors are bound to forget how to evaluate the results according to Ayurveda and instead will work like lab technicians, printing computer generated reports.

A study conducted in the year 2000 evaluates how modern medical practice improved in technology and deteriorated in terms of evaluating the results causing a dent in doctors, accurately diagnosing symptoms. Here is a paragraph from the document. The whole document can be accessed from here.

Modern medical practice makes extensive use of laboratory tests, radiological imaging, and other technologies in decision-making regarding diagnosis, prognosis, monitoring, screening, and risk assessment. Despite remarkable technical testing methods and continuous improvement in analytical accuracy and precision of tests, the evaluation of the diagnostic accuracy of new tests often has received only modest attention. Thus, available tests may be analytically accurate but not provide reliable clinical information for diagnosis, risk stratification, and other clinical matters.

The best way forward is that doctors learn Nadi Pariskha so that any machine invented becomes an optional tool for a Vaidya to add in their clinic or hospital. Nadi Pariksha is a necessary tool that doctors have to learn. You can pre-order my upcoming book Nadi Pariksha – The Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis. This book is originally priced at ₹599. I am giving it away at ₹399.

In conclusion, if machines make a headway, which the inventor says, is inevitable, and doctors don’t learn Nadi Pariskha, there’s a threat that they’ll replace ancient and intrinsically Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques. This may cause irreparable damage to the entire medical stream and may transform the way Ayurveda is practiced.