Nadi Pariksha in Mysore


Nadi Pariksha is the hidden treasure of Ayurvedic Diagnostics. This science dates back beyond the time of Ramayana which is about 15000 years.

Nadi Pariksha is the only diagnosis through which we can find out the root cause of any symptom, illness or ailment.

Once the root cause has been diagnosed, appropriate treatments can help completely remove the root cause and restore good health.

How to Book your appointment:
1. Call us for an appointment with a booking time you prefer for 30th January 2018.
2. After getting date and time, book your appointment with a booking amount of Rs.500 to Reserve your Slot.
3. Balance amount of ₹850 must be paid when you come to your appointment.

In Mysore City, I consult at Arogya Siri, an Ayurveda Therapy and Treatment Facility which is well established and offers one of the best remedial therapies and treatments in Ayurveda.

Next upcoming date for consultations is 20th January 2018

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