Marma Chikitsa

Pain is one of the most miserable physical feelings you want to get rid of now. It is also one of the least managed symptoms.

Marma Chikitsa is an ancient technique that helps provide immediate and in some cases permanent relief to the patient. This is done by balancing the flow of Vayu and Prana in the body.

Vayu is considered sacred in Ayurveda because it performs the function of transporting literally everything inside the body as well as in the environment around us. Without Vayu, live will become still and lifeless.

However, there are times when Vayu can stagnate in different parts of the body. When this happens, you first experience pain. When you ignore the symptom, this pain becomes more acute and then manifests as an illness.

Marma Chikitsa is one of the safest and one of the best techniques to relieve your body of pain and provide almost instant relief.

Demonstration at Marma Chikitsa Group Coaching Programme
Demonstration at Marma Chikitsa Group Coaching Programme


Video testimony of client taken by Henzi Enigma

Video testimony of patient taken by Dr. Kanwaljit Kaur