Mahesh Krishnamurthy

Mahesh Krishnamurthy learnt Nadi Pariksha in 2002 from his older brother when he visited his brother who lived in the Himalayas then.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy then researched in the Shastras of Yoga and Ayurveda for four years at FRLHT, a centre of Excellence in Ayurveda and Yoga.

Ever since, He has been practicing this sacred science of pulse diagnosis.

Mahesh Krishnamurthy says; A human being is only part body. The human being has consciousness, mind, intellect, intelligence, emotions and feelings, thoughts and memories.

With Nadi Pariksha, Mahesh Krishnamurthy trains doctors to diagnose thoughts, feelings, emotions, sleep pattern, dreams, the subconscious patterns, beliefs, behaviour, attitude and personality.

Using Nadi Pariksha our doctors can also diagnose what the patient's mother was experiencing when the patient was in the mother's womb. This is specifically important when we have to find out whether a illness is curable, manageable, treatable  or non-treatable.

Doctors who train under us are placed in Bangalore, Ludhiana, Lucknow, and Pune.

We will be taking outside Bangalore accepting appointments soon.

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- Chetan 

With the practices I learnt from Mahesh, I now have a better sense of what is happening in my life. I can focus on why something happened. My subconscious patterns have transformed. Complicated issues have become so clear and I no longer beat myself up. I have rid myself of feeling guilty and my stress has also reduced.  My self-confidence has improved. My relationship with my wife has also improved. I have been practicing and results are starting to show up. Now we talk, discuss problems and come to a conclusion without turning it into an argument. I feel I have new energy to do things.

- Ashish Bhatnagar

After doing practices taught by Mahesh, I transformed into a completely new person and now realise that I am responsible for what happened to me and my life. My happiness lies in my hands, neither people nor circumstances can steal my happiness. I found the reasons of all my negative thoughts and beliefs and with help of Mahesh fixed them. I am a transformed person now.

- Preeti Bhatnagar