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Posted by nadichikitsa on November 28, 2017
Photo Courtesy: Felix Russell Saw Today a lady brought her mother to consult with me. After the diagnosis using my technique of Nadi Pariksha, I knew that she was losing sleep, was emotionally unsettled and disturbed. My questions to her about her relationships got her teary and she began narrating her story. This mother of 3 was born to a not so very rich parents. Though her parents were poor, they never let their children

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Posted by nadichikitsa on November 25, 2017
Hi, today a person came to me for a health consultation. As usual, my teammate at the reception desk has asked him not to reveal any symptoms to me and that I’ll figure it out through Nadi Pariksha. I performed his diagnosis and then we got discussing. The whole discussion was on his dietary pattern and his lifestyle because that’s how he was being a diabetic. So, my conversation with him goes like this; Me:
Nadi pariksha

Nadi Pariksha

Posted by nadichikitsa on November 22, 2017
Nādi Pariksha is a diagnostic practice in Ayurveda to find the root cause of any ailment and illness in the body. The word Nādi means “artery” and Pariksha means “to examine”. It is all called as Pulse Diagnosis. According to Vedic and Yoga texts, there are 72000 or 72000 pairs of Nādi. There is no clarity on this number. The entire body is a web of Nādi which are big, long, thick, thin as well as minuscule and microscopic. There are different names given to channels in the body. They are called; snaayu (ligaments and tendons that


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