Team Nadi Chikitsa

Nadichikitsa wellness Pvt Ltd was established in 2016, after 9 years of work on our vision. We have committed ourselves to resurrect and re-establish the Sacred Diagnostic Science of Pulse Diagnosis - Nadi Pariksha and allied ancient and Sacred Healing Practices in Ayurveda.

We recently concluded our 20th Batch of Nadi Pariksha Training for Ayurveda Doctors. With this training, the total number of Ayurveda Doctors we trained in Nadi Pariksha stands at 227.

We are on our way to conquer our vision. We are on the way and will get there sooner than we think.

Our vision is that every Ayurveda Doctor must know and practice Nadi Pariksha as the primary form of diagnosis.

We invite you to help us achieve our vision - your vision - a vision we all share - to re-establish the Sacred Science of Pulse Diagnosis - Nadi Pariksha.

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